As pressure grows to deploy cleaner, greener power sources that will reshape the energy ecosystem, decarbonization and other megatrends – electrification, climate adaptation and energy transformation – are forcing U.S. power utilities to get more innovative to maintain reliability and resilience.

Deepa Poduval of Black & Veatch joined Clarion Energy at CERAWeek to discuss the 2022 Megatrends in Power report, a survey-driven look at the industry’s future. The report, sponsored by Black & Veatch and Clarion Energy, dives into how utilities can and should dive into thoughtful planning and investment now to meet tomorrow’s rapidly changing energy needs with an upgraded, resilient grid for the times.

The report is also the subject of a recent webinar featuring Poduval, who is Vice President & Global Advisory Leader for Black & Veatch; and Jonathan Cristiani, who is Bioenergy and Hydrogen Technology Manager for the company.

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