Nearly 40 people joined the POWERGEN International 2024 Technical Tour, which included stops at Entergy’s New Orleans Power Station and Ninemile 6 plant site.

The Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine (R.I.C.E.) technology at New Orleans Power Station is more responsive, offers additional flexibility and operates at higher efficiency than the traditional generation units. New Orleans Power Station features seven Wärtsilä 50SG engines that provide a total output of 129.5 MW to the New Orleans area.

WATCH: Highlights from the POWERGEN International 2024 Tech Tour at New Orleans Power Station

Ninemile 6 is a 2×1 CCGT site with two 180 MW GE 7FA gas turbines and one 241 MW Toshiba Steam turbine that remotely operates Washington Parish Energy Center, a Simple Cycle Gas Turbine (SCGT) site with two 195 MW GE 7FAs turbines. Ninemile 6 can complete remote rounds using SPOT – The agile mobile robot.

Attendees received an up-close view of SPOT and a demonstration of its remote use. Attendees will also tour the combined-cycle units and water lab.

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