With its bold red branding and signage, FPT Industrial has become a recognizable mainstay on the POWERGEN International show floor.

This year’s show in New Orleans was no different, as the engine manufacturer was a Diamond Sponsor for the fourth year in a row.

“I do this for all the people that have joined the journey, all the growth we’re having in [power generation],” said Braden Cammauf, V.P. of FPT North America. “I want them to come in, bring their customers, bring their partners and show the same pride that I have for this division.”

Cammauf gave us a tour of the company’s booth and showcased the company’s lineup of engines designed for rental and high-volume applications, highlighting their versatility and ability to cater to various power needs efficiently.

He teased a new offering in the 500-kilowatt range for grid backup applications, indicating FPT’s continuous innovation and response to market demands. Cammauf noted that grid backup is a growth opportunity for the company.

Watch the interview above for more on FPT Industrial’s offerings.

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