The Tennessee Valley Authority has named Daniel Komm as the new site vice president for the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant near Athens, Alabama, effective June 27. Current Browns Ferry Site Vice President Manu Sivaraman will take on an enterprise-wide project in Human Resources, TVA said.

Komm most recently served as plant manager at Browns Ferry, TVA’s first and largest nuclear plant. Komm joined TVA in 2021 when he served as the assistant plant manager at Browns Ferry, which has three boiling water reactors producing about 20 percent of TVA’s total generation capacity. Browns Ferry can produce up to 3,954 MW of electricity

Prior to joining TVA, Komm spent 18 years with Southern Nuclear Company where he got his start as an engineer and held a variety of roles, including Operations Director at Hatch. He also served as Work Management Director at Plant Vogtle. Komm has led three stations as plant manager from 2018 to 2020 including Vogtle, Farley and Hatch.

Earlier this month TVA also named new leadership for its Watts Bar nuclear plant near Spring City, Tennessee.

Chris Reneau was named site vice president, effective June 12. Current Watts Bar Site Vice President Tony Williams will step into the role of Vice President, Outage Services and Supplemental Resources for TVA’s entire nuclear fleet.

Reneau most recently served as vice president for operations support at the TVA Nuclear Fleet Center in Chattanooga. Since joining TVA in 2009, he has held multiple leadership roles, including Senior Manager Systems Engineering, Senior Manager Design Engineering, Site Engineering Director and Director of Operations before becoming Plant Manager at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant in 2021.

Watts Bar is TVA’s second largest nuclear plant—its two pressurized water reactors produce about five percent of TVA’s total generation capacity. Each unit produces about 1,150 MW of electricity.

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