Infrastructure as a service provider Standard Power will develop two small modular reactor-powered facilities to power nearby data centers using NuScale Power Corporation’s technology.

Based on Standard Power’s plans for the two facilities, NuScale will provide 24 units of 77 MWe modules, which together will produce 1,848 MWe of clean energy at sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The facilities will be developed together with global energy development and production company ENTRA1 Energy.

In 2022, NuScale formed an exclusive partnership with ENTRA1 Energy to commercialize its SMR technology. Through this partnership, ENTRA1 Energy has the rights to develop, manage, own and operate energy production plants powered by NuScale’s approved SMR technology.

Maxim Serezhin, Standard Power founder and CEO commented in a statement: “We see a lot of legacy baseload grid capacity going offline with a lack of new sustainable baseload generation options on the market especially as power demand for artificial intelligence (AI)-computing and data centers is growing.

“We look forward to working with ENTRA1 and NuScale to deploy NuScale’s proven SMR technology to deliver carbon-free, baseload energy to address this large gap in the generation market,” added Serezhin.

NuScale technology is the only SMR technology that has received design approval from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

NuScale’s SMR technology is scalable and can be used for various uses, including; power generation, district heating, desalination, commercial-scale hydrogen production and other process heat applications.

The power modules are fully factory-fabricated and operate with conventional nuclear fuel.

Originally published by Power Engineering International.

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