Siemens Energy said it will list its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) industrial cyber security solution in AWS Marketplace.

AWS’s capabilities are expected to better enable MDR’s technology to collect and analyze large volumes of data to monitor for cyber threats.

Secure cloud capabilities that can integrate digital applications and leverage sensitive data – such as real-time monitoring and detection – add an important and cost-effective tool to the defensive arsenal for industrial security analysts, Siemens Energy said.

And, Jeff Miers, director of Partners and Alliances, Energy & Utilities Business Unit at AWS, said that cloud “is accelerating innovation across the energy value chain and a key enabler to more resilient energy infrastructure.” 

The Siemens software is an AI-driven cybersecurity monitoring and detection service for industrial operating technologies (OT). As designed, MDR creates and monitors a data stream. It then uses machine learning to learn and monitor the relationships between variables in clients’ OT workflows, flagging anomalies for human analysts. A rules-based engine is intended to enable MDR to prioritize the most consequential alerts and focus human attention where it is needed. 

MDR is built on the Eos.ii plaform and is intended to be vendor-agnostic, standardizing inputs from multiple machine languages.

In operation, analysts can refer to site architecture – both the digital network, and the 3-D relationships between physical equipment – or can examine the operating history of a particular device, its operating parameters, and any threats known to affect its specific make and model.

MDR incorporates threat intelligence feeds and information needed to evaluate if newly identified threats affect defended systems. Its design also is intended to detect novel attacks on OT and prioritize alerts based on anticipated consequences. 

Siemens said that MDR monitoring and detection also can help identify some maintenance issues.

More information is available here.

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