Salt River Project (SRP) issued a 2024 all-source Request for Proposals (RFP), specifically asking for projects that can provide at least 700 MW of power capacity during peak summer demand periods. These projects would need to be online by December 1, 2028.

The Arizona utility, which serves much of the Phoenix metropolitan area, also seeks an additional 500 MW or more of peak electrical generating capacity by December 1, 2029. SRP also hopes to add up to 2,500 MW of new carbon-free resources by December 1, 2029.

As a key finding from its Integrated System Plan, SRP recently said it will need to double or triple power resource capacity from a “wide range of technologies” to meet projected energy demand and achieve 2035 sustainability goals.

Currently, more than 2,300 MW of carbon-free energy – including nearly 1,000 MW of solar energy – is serving SRP customers. The utility also receives 689 MW for its 17.49% share in the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant.

SRP expects to add another 500 MW of solar, 161 MW of wind, and over 600 MW of additional battery storage by the end of 2024. These additions include a 161 MW wind resource, the “Babbitt Ranch Energy Center,” to be built in Coconino County north of Flagstaff and a solar and battery storage project that will support Meta and other SRP customers with clean energy.

The utility said this RFP will be open until May 3, 2024.

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