The Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) is a consortium of community-owned utilities that join together to invest in energy resources that would ensure an affordable, reliable, and clean supply of electricity. The Lodi Energy Center (LEC) is the agency’s newest plant in the generation fleet. It is a 300-megawatt combined cycle power plant, located in California’s Central Valley. As the world sets aggressive goals for decarbonizing energy production, Lodi Energy Center is proactively looking at how hydrogen can be a large-scale solution for combined-cycle plants. The plant uses Siemens Energy SGT6-5000F heavy-duty gas turbines, which are capable of running on a blend of hydrogen and natural gas. With access to renewable energy, water and its engine, Lodi can fire up to 30 percent hydrogen today and up to 100 percent in future.

This presentation is designed to inform the audience about the Lodi Energy Center, as a use case for how existing power plants can be reinvented to decarbonize power generation. Participants of this session will learn about how business, politics and society can all work together to help decarbonize the power sectors’ traditional fossil fuel infrastructure.

Presented By:
Greg Wendt | Global Hydrogen Product Owner, Service Siemens Energy
Michael DeBortoli | Assistant General Manager, Generation Services, Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)
Randy Howard | General Manager, Northern California Power Agency (NCPA)

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