Island communities face unique challenges when it comes to managing their power grids, including extreme frequency fluctuations, unpredictable weather, and limited resources. Local utility Guam Power Authority (GPA) provides electricity through an electric grid that includes about 1,800 miles of transmission and distribution lines, with a load of about 200 MW.   To provide a resilient energy system, GPA deployed two energy storage systems: one battery to mitigate solar fluctuation, and the other to provide active frequency support coordinated by two sophisticated controllers. The two controllers provide real-time asset control: renewables ramping, smoothing, real and reactive power control, and energy shifting by leveraging the battery system. This presentation will explore the unique challenges islands face, and the specialized solutions available to them, using Guam’s challenges as a case study.

Presented By:
Tim Allen | Chief Operating Officer, PXiSE Energy Solutions

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