A great deal of work has gone into reducing and eliminating the carbon footprint in an economical and sustainable manner for utility and district energy applications. Much information has been presented on using hydrogen as a fuel for combustion gas turbines to support zero-carbon-emission CHP solutions. However, not enough has been said about applying the same approach to generate heating and process steam utilizing the packaged boilers in these same facilities. Hydrogen is a proven and viable fuel source whether the packaged boiler serves as a back-up to the CHP system, if it is used for heating steam, or whether it is producing steam to generate power in a steam turbine. The technology needed to facilitate hydrogen firing and eliminate CO emissions from the system is not new and does not increase risks associated with packaged boiler or burner design and operation. In order to ensure success, there are specific design factors in both the boiler and combustion system that must be considered. These system designs can significantly affect system efficiency as well as environmental regulation compliance.

This presentation is designed to inform the audience about the key considerations when looking at firing hydrogen as a fuel in their packaged boiler. Green steam is not only a possibility but is a necessity. Understanding the entire system will prepare users for a successful project.

Presented By:
Paul Brown | Vice President, Boiler Systems, Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.
Normand Bujold | Vice President, Application, Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

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