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Engineering company Parker Hannifin has joined gas turbine advocacy group ETN Global.

US-headquartered Parker Hannifin develops motion and control technologies and its gas turbine filtration division provides inlet systems and filters.

With more than 120 members from over 20 countries, ETN Global acts as a worldwide voice for the gas turbine industry, a sector currently undergoing fundamental transformation driven by decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization.

Gerald Woodward, Parker Gas Turbine Filtration’s global marketing manager said: “With a focus on the development of new, clean combustion technology, ETN Global is supporting the development of low-carbon energy production from flexible and reliable gas turbines.

Strategic role for gas turbines

“Despite the boom in renewable energy, conventional gas-fired power generation will continue to play a strategic role in the future energy system. That’s why knowledge sharing is so important for tomorrow’s clean energy world.”

ETN Global managing director Christer Björkqvist said the organization has a vision “for gas turbines to deliver affordable and dependable carbon-neutral energy solutions that can be implemented globally by 2050”.

He added that this vision “relies on our members actively contributing to technology development. As a leading player in the gas turbine industry, Parker Hannifin has a major role in technology deployment, but also the vital research and development capabilities that can advance the global energy business.”

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