As part of its effort to add a total of 2.5 GW to its generation portfolio amid “unprecedented” growth in electricity usage, Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) announced plans to add 900 MW of simple-cycle natural gas generation with dual fuel oil backup.

The new assets will be split between the existing Cass County Station and Turtle Creek Station, which is currently under construction.

OPPD chose Siemens Energy to provide the new assets, including four SGT6-5000F combustion turbines, capable of producing 225 MW each. Three would be built at OPPD’s existing Cass County Station. One would be built at Turtle Creek, where the plant’s two original turbines are scheduled to come online later this year. They are expected to be online by 2030.

“These engines are part of the larger system expansion our community is demanding – from more high voltage transmission to more generators, including the Platteview Solar facility in Saunders County and our Standing Bear Lake Station in Douglas County, which will come online in 2024,” aid OPPD Vice President of Systems Transformation Brad Underwood. “That doesn’t include the potential K Junction facility and other generation pursuits we have underway. The totality of all of it is truly amazing.”

OPPD anticipates its load will grow by 100 MW each year for the foreseeable future. As a member of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), OPPD is required to have enough capacity to meet not only its own customers’ peak energy usage, but also a 15% reserve margin.

OPPD also said the new generation will not impact its commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“We modeled all types of generation and energy storage options that are consistent with that commitment without sacrificing affordability and reliability for our customers,” Underwood said. “The new combustion turbines are part of that journey. A diverse energy mix is crucial to ensuring the critical services of energy supply are not compromised.”

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