Oklo Power, which hopes to build and operate the company’s Aurora compact fast reactor, has submitted a licensing project plan to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Oklo said the plan outlines future licensing activities and aims to support an “efficient and effective review process.”

Silicon Valley-based Oklo had applied to NRC in March 2020 to build and operate its 1.5 MW nuclear microreactor at the Idaho National Laboratory site. This was the first combined license application ever accepted by the NRC for an advanced non-light water reactor.

But the NRC rejected Oklo’s application in January 2022.

Oklo’s application contained “significant information gaps” in its description of Aurora’s potential accidents as well as its classification of safety systems and components, the NRC said. Although the gaps prevented further review, NRC said it was prepared to re-engage with Oklo if the company submitted a revised application.

An Oklo spokesperson told us at the time: “…There are many new things for all to learn from and work through to support a successful review, and it provides a foundation from which we can supply additional information and continue work with the NRC.”

The Aurora design is a fast neutron reactor that would transport heat from the reactor core to a power conversion system and is designed to run on material from used nuclear fuel known as HALEU, or “high assay, low-enriched uranium.”

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