Norsk Nukleær Dekommisjonering (NND) selected a joint venture between Dallas-based Jacobs and Multiconsult Norge AS to plan the decommissioning of Norway’s nuclear fleet.

The initial contract will focus on two research sites – the nuclear fuel and materials testing reactor at Halden and the JEEP-II neutron scattering facility at Kjeller – which were shut down in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

NND estimates the total value of the six-year award at up to $100 million (NOK 1 billion).

The scope includes engineering concept design and planning of new facilities, upgrading of existing nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and supporting with technical documentation, as well as preparing safety cases to meet ownership and operating license requirements.

The overall program for used fuel treatment and decommissioning of the Halden and Kjeller reactors is expected to cost about $1.96 billion (NOK20 billion) and take 20-25 years.

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