Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) and Black Hills Energy recently received a $16 million grant from the Wyoming Energy Authority to fund the permitting, engineering and development activities for a clean hydrogen generation facility with CO2 capture and sequestration at Black Hills Energy’s Neil Simpson Power Plant in Gillette, Wyoming.

The plant design would leverage B&W’s BrightLoop technology to produce clean energy from coal, with the CO2 emissions sequestered or put to use. The company said the plant would be capable of producing 15 tons of clean hydrogen per day utilizing the BrightLoop process.

B&W said its BrightLoop technology is a chemical looping technology that can produce hydrogen from nearly any feedstock, including solid fuels such as waste wood and other types of biomass. The company said its process can also produce an isolated CO2 stream for capture, use or sequestration, as well as nitrogen that can be combined with hydrogen to create ammonia.

The process uses a proprietary, regenerable particle and has been demonstrated to effectively separate CO2 while producing hydrogen, steam and/or syngas.

The 90 MW Neil Simpson II Plant went online in 1995.

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