As part of International Women in Engineering Day 2023, the Women’s Engineering Society last week unveiled the winners of the Top 50 Women in Engineering awards.

Many of the WE50 winners work in the fields of energy, climate and sustainability, including:

Ana Gorgyan

Ana Gorgyan – Director of Engineering, Independent Power Corporation PLC

Ana Gorgyan’s journey in electrical engineering has been market by gender disparities and stereotypes, but she has proven herself by excelling in her field. Managing power generation sites, she prioritizes health and safety, implementing stringent rules to ensure worker protection even in challenging climates.

Caroline Roche

Caroline Roche – Senior Engineer, Capula Ltd

Caroline Roche’s expertise lie in software development for nuclear control systems, where safety and security are paramount. Her work has been recognized for delivering complex decommissioning projects in the safest manner. As an active STEM ambassador and member, Roche strives to create a diverse and inclusive engineering community while chairing her company’s Women’s Network.

Catherine Wood – Maintain Design Integrity Group Lead, EDF Energy

Catherine Wood has supported the safe running of the existing UK nuclear fleet and helped provide the next generation of reactors on the Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C projects. She is a role model for young women at EDF and was awarded the ‘Coach of the Year’ award in 2022.

Guilia Marzetti

Giulia Marzetti – Senior Carbon Management Consultant, Mott MacDonald

As an advocate for safety and sustainability, Giulia Marzetti combines her expertise in engineering and policymaking to address the challenges of climate change. From leading the technical verification of hydrogen storage designs to creating system assurance cases for iconic projects, Marzetti now applies her expertise to climate change mitigation and adaption.

Jennifer Maher

Jennifer Maher – Principal Mechanical Engineer, Sellafield Ltd.

Jennifer Maher leads a team that develops solutions for handling nuclear waste in Western Europe’s most hazardous buildings. After becoming a mother, she over biases to become a leading engineer who expertly tackles legacy problems in the energy sector and whose efforts contribute to the UK’s net zero targets.

itilola Oliyide

Titilola Oliyide – Senior Process Safety Engineer, Supercritical Solutions

Titilola Oliyide plays a vital role in developing green hydrogen production technology. She leads hazard identification workshops, ensures fail-safe system design and provides technical expertise. In addition, she passionately volunteers her time to STEM outreach programs, mentoring PhD students and inspiring young girls to pursue engineering careers.

As part of the WE50 awards, 50 highly commended nominations were also presented. Several commendations were presented to engineers operating in the energy sector, including:

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