Powered by GE 7HA.02 gas turbines, the Indeck Niles Energy Center in Niles, Michigan is now delivering energy to the grid.

The approximately 1.1 GW combined cycle plant is owned by Indeck Energy Services, along with Korean partners KOSPO and DL Energy.

Built by Kiewit, Indeck Niles features all major equipment supplied by GE: two GE 7HA.02 gas turbines, powering two H65 generators, an STF-D600 steam turbine powering a H84 generator, and two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) that are triple pressure reheat drum.

7HA.02 gas turbines have a net heat rate of 8,450 kJ/kWh and a ramp rate of 60 MW/min. According to GE, the turbines offer a combined-cycle efficiency of more than 63%.

GE’s Mark VIe control system would provide turbine generator control and performance visibility for the project, with data collected from sensors throughout the facility monitored and analyzed 24/7.

Along with the combined cycle equipment, GE is expected to provide parts, repairs and maintenance for 25 years.

Auxiliary equipment installed at the power plant includes dry low-NOx burners integrated with selective catalytic reduction technology for controlling the NOx emissions. According to GE, Indeck Niles has roughly 67% of the CO2 emissions of a similarly-sized coal plant, and lower emissions levels for other pollutants.

According to EIA, in 2020, natural gas generated the largest amount of Michigan’s electricity for the first time, surpassing coal. Natural gas accounted for 33% of the state’s net generation, while coal’s share declined to 27%.

Renewables provided about 11% of Michigan’s electricity net generation in 2020, and wind energy accounted for three-fifths of that power.

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