A trio of companies said they successfully operated a Frame 7E gas turbine with a 60% hydrogen blend.

The turbine was reported to have been tested at baseload condition, dry, and achieved single-digit ppm emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and carbon monoxide (CO).

PSM, Thomassen Energy and Hanwha Power Systems, jointly and in collaboration with Hanwha companies in Korea, reported the achievement, which used PSM’s FlameSheet Combustor Platform, a system available for B-, E- and F-Class gas turbines. 

The test involved a decommissioned Frame 7E gas turbine-generator package relocated and refurbished for a purpose-built power plant in South Korea. The plant was built within a petrochemical site jointly owned by Hanwha and TotalEnergies.

The turbine used a mixture of natural gas, hydrogen and hydrogen-containing gas from the facility, operating at base load with 60% hydrogen by volume. Fuel delivery was provided by a blending system that is expected to enable turbine testing at higher hydrogen volumes in the future.

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