FlexGen Power Systems announced it would provide 420 MWh of battery storage to Middle River Power across four California sites.

The storage would be co-located with existing simple cycle natural gas peaking plants,

North Carolina-based FlexGen said the batteries would be used to store excess power from solar energy sources during the day and release it when it is most needed during the evening hours.

“The gas turbines will dispatch significantly less often than they do today, resulting in lower emissions, while remaining available to dispatch during extreme conditions,” the company said.

The projects will run FlexGen’s HybridOS software system, providing ancillary services, capacity and energy market trading.

Middle River Power is a private equity asset management company focused on U.S. power generation. Assets under management or in development include over 3,000 MW of natural gas, coal, geothermal and solar power generation facilities in California, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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