EthosEnergy is rolling out its performance center for remote monitoring applications.

EthosEnergy said its center combines 24/7 remote start-stop capabilities with asset monitoring, diagnostics and access the company’s global network of engineers.

Plant owners would appoint EthosEnergy to fully manage operational control of their power generation assets from the Houston-based performance center.

EthosEnergy operators control start-stop operations through encrypted cyber-secure VPN technology compliant and designed to NERC CIP Medium protocols. The company said its AI and machine learning-integrated technology platform can help detect early warnings of reliability and performance issues.

From the performance center, operators can remotely monitor, operate and manage multiple plants. They can use remote video surveillance to continuously monitor a customer’s assets using real-time thermal imaging.

There has been a growing trend among power generation companies to outsource their operations and maintenance (O&M) and technical expertise to third parties like EthosEnergy. This can help keep costs down, provide access to expertise and improve operational efficiency.

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