Developer ESG Clean Energy plans to build a second gas-fired plant in Massachusetts that will be equipped with carbon capture.

ESG inked a deal with Holyoke Gas & Electric to build the 4.2 MW plant, expected to be powered by Caterpillar engines, with the company’s CCS system built and installed around it. Project financing will be provided by Colliers Funding, LLC.

ESG’s first project, also in Holyoke, Massachusetts, is now generating 3.9 MW of electricity also using two Caterpillar engines. A spokesperson with the company told us the system that withdraws and produces distilled water at that plant is expected to be up and running within the month, and the carbon capture system being installed right after that. 

In March 2022 ESG acquired a patent for its bottoming cycle power system which includes the invention of an “exhaust-gas-to-exhaust-gas heat exchanger” that cools – and then reheats – exhaust from a primary power generator so greater energy output can be achieved by a secondary power source with safe ventilation.

ESG’s carbon capture system uses the waste heat of the carbon dioxide pump to heat and regenerate the adsorber that enables the CO2 to be safely contained and packaged. The company says it can capture nearly 100% of the CO2 during the process.

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