In an exclusive interview with Dr. Javier Cavada, President and CEO, EMEA, Mitsubishi Power, he sheds light on the role of decarbonization technologies necessary to achieve net zero targets.

These technologies include electricity powered by hydrogen, the low carbon fuel of the future that can enable the renewable-powered economies of the future to deliver net zero targets.

“We are already seeing solar power, and wind power, being deployed at massive scale. So the key technologies that now need to cope, and need to accelerate, and need to be deployed in big, big size, bigger speed, are technologies that enable more wind and more solar coming to the grid,” says Cavada.

“So we are talking about energy storage, we are talking about backup solutions, and we’re talking about technologies that provide sustainable, reliable, affordable, 24/7 renewables,” he added.

Watch the full video interview with Dr Javier Cavada below.

This interview was filmed in November 2023 at Enlit Europe in Paris, France.

Cavada concludes: “So today, we have the technologies and we have the will for decarbonization but we are all aware that what we do not do in the coming two years will impact the coming generations.

“The coming 24 months are going to be crucial for our future, so let’s act urgently. Let’s do it together.”

Originally published on Power Engineering International.

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