BWX Technologies announced the award of a U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program contract totaling approximately $300 million for the manufacture of naval nuclear reactor fuel.

Under this contract, BWXT subsidiary Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc., located in Erwin, Tennessee, will manufacture and deliver fuel for the Naval Reactors Program. BWXT fuel and reactors power the U.S. Navy’s Ohio, Virginia, Seawolf and Los Angeles class submarines, as well as the Nimitz and Ford class aircraft carriers. BWXT fuel and reactors will also power the Navy’s Columbia-class submarines.

When production of fuel is complete, it is shipped to BWXT’s facility near Lynchburg, Virginia for final installation into the naval reactors that BWXT manufactures. The reactors for submarines being developed and built today are designed to last for the life of the ship, and reactors for aircraft carriers are designed to be refueled only once during the life of the ship.

Work under this contract has already commenced, with completion targeted for mid-2025.

This is not BWXT’s first contract with the Navy – in 2021, BWXT subsidiary Nuclear Operations Group (NOG) won more than $35 million on contracts to provide uranium recovery, conversion, and construction of a new reactor fuel line for federal customers, including the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

More recently, BWXT signed a two-year contract with the Wyoming Energy Authority to evaluate the feasibility of microreactor deployment in the state. BWXT will work with Wyoming industries to define nuclear application requirements for supplying base heat and power to trona mining operations.

The company will perform engineering work to further the design of its integrated “BANR” microreactor system to integrate into Wyoming’s future power needs and meet the demands of potential end users in the state. This includes identifying areas where Wyoming’s existing supply chain can demonstrate capabilities for reactor component manufacturing.

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