The industry is undergoing a fundamental change faced with unpredictable climate change and move towards electrification, non-traditional energy sources and providers. But the investments in infrastructure have failed to keep pace leading to catastrophic results in some cases.

Electricity has also gone from a novelty to a necessity in the last 100+ years, and we’ve seen a varied response, often dependent on geography, socioeconomics, and the partnerships and vision of individual utilities to address the challenge of re-imaging the very nature of the grid.

Utilities must establish a comprehensive and strategic vision to re-building the grid with resiliency, sustainably and with affordability in mind. Integrating modern technologies within existing infrastructure, testing them in real time while maintaining current services. These organizations, historically slow moving and risk adverse must learn to turn (and innovate) fast.

At the same time, some utilities are well ahead of the curve, topping the leader board in supporting sustainable energy. However, these frontrunners also serve as our frontline, dealing with the pain of first-time issues and new challenges unique to early adopters.

Join us for an insightful panel discussion that will explore the challenges and some real-world examples of how utilities, state and local governments are rising to meet these challenges head on.

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