Eastern Power Inc. is proposing to construct a natural gas and hydrogen-fueled power plant in Ontario.

The 600 MW, combined-cycle Hydrogen Ready Power Plant Project (HRPP) would use two GE 7FA gas turbine generator sets and a steam turbine generator set.  

The project could operate for at least 25 years and could be entirely fueled by hydrogen by 2050.

“A foreseeable energy supply enabling 20% hydrogen use for the HRPP Project between 2025 and 2031, followed by 65% hydrogen supply by 2040 seems feasible,” said a project descriptort. “Later in the HRPP Project life, 100% hydrogen could become available by 2050.”

HRPP would be located on an industrial property with already existing natural gas infrastructure, as well as an adjacent interconnection to the Hydro One Networks Inc. electrical transmission and distribution grid.

Proposed timeline for the Hydrogen Ready Power Plant Project (HRPP). Source: IAAC, Summary of Initial Project Description for a Designated
Project under the Impact Assessment Act

The project was proposed in response to the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) need for additional electricity capacity in Ontario’s southwest region and in advance of an IESO request for proposals in 2022.

IESO was recently asked by Ontario’s Minister of Energy to investigate and propose options to integrate low-carbon hydrogen technologies into the province’s electric grid.

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada is asking the public and Indigenous groups to review a project summary and provide feedback, which would help the agency determine whether HRPP requires an impact assessment.

More project details here.

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