Portugal grants 5 GW of grid-connection permits, mostly for PV

Portugal’s Ministry of the Environment has awarded 5 GW of grid-connection permits, primarily for PV projects. These permits cover 5 GW for power plants linked to the high-voltage transmission network and an additional 1 GW for projects connected to E-Grids at lower voltage levels.

From pv magazine Spain

The Portuguese Ministry of the Environment has approved a new set of solar energy projects to connect to the grid, in collaboration with grid operators REN and E-Redes. It marks the first time since June 2019 that the Portuguese government has ensured the integration of fresh PV capacity into the power network.

In total, the ministry has granted grid-connection permits for 5 GW of upcoming projects to link to the high-voltage grid, along with 1 GW for connection to E-Grids operating at lower voltage levels.

These projects largely consist of centralized solar installations, many incorporating battery storage systems. The granted permits are contingent upon developers committing to cover the costs of reinforcing the electrical infrastructure, thereby avoiding any negative impact on the regulated charges of the national electrical system.

All selected projects are expected to become operational by 2030.

Prominent developers chosen for these projects include Iberdrola, EDPR, Hyperion, SolCarport, Neoen, Nenuphar Frontier, and Smartenergy. Among them, Fermsolar is undertaking the largest project with a capacity of 480 MW.

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