Phono Solar introduces 560W TOPCon solar module with 21.72% efficiency

The panel is part of the company’s new TOPCon module series, which also includes a 420W product with an efficiency of 21.99%.

Chinese solar module manufacturer Phono Solar has unveiled its TOPCon panel series, including two products with power outputs of 420W and 560W.

“The power generation performance of [the] Draco Series Modules under low light conditions has been significantly improved with an additional power yield of up to 30% provided by its bifacial technology, and a cell bifaciality of over 80%,” the manufacturer said in a statement.

The largest module has a power conversion efficiency of 21.72%, an open-circuit voltage of 50.15V and a short-circuit current of 14.12A. It measures 2,274×1,134x35mm and weighs 32.6kg. The smallest device features an efficiency of 21.99%, an open-circuit voltage of 38.36V and a short-circuit current of 13.63A.

For both products, the temperature coefficient is 0.32%. They come with a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year performance warranty. The first-year degradation is claimed to be less than 1% and the annual linear degradation is estimated at 0.4% for 30 years.

Phono Solar is a unit of Chinese conglomerate China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd (Sinomach). The manufacturer has, currently, a total production capacity of 2GW spread across four factories, of which two are located in China’s Nanjing and Dongtai provinces and another two are located in Turkey and Vietnam.

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