Off-grid solar generators on display at US trade show

The 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is being held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, features several new battery banks to portably store and deliver solar power.

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CES is among the largest tech events in the world, with numerous advancements in renewable technologies such as solar this year.

Image: Growatt

Growatt, for example, unveiled two portable battery banks with LiFePO4 chemistry for off-grid use. The Vita 550 is the most portable option, featuring a 538 Wh battery capacity, 600 W AC output, and 11 outlets of various configurations that allow users to power most devices. 

The devices offer 1.6-hour AC charging speed and support up to 800 W of solar input. They can be fully charged on solar in 2.5 hours, with customizable features like adjustable lighting and optional fast and slow charging. The Watt+ feature allows the banks to extend beyond their 600 W limit and power devices up to 1,050 W. 

Growatt said the Vita 550 can power a light bulb for 15 hours or run a 70 W fan for 6.5 hours. The company said the device is durable through 3,000 charge cycles. 

Image: Jackery

For a larger, yet still portable battery bank, the Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro offers several features for off-grid flexibility. The devices can be charged with six SolarSaga 200 W panels, charging in three to four hours on solar and about two and a half hours with AC input. The solar cells are built with interdigitated back contact (IBC) technology to boost production on cloudy days, early mornings, and late evenings.

The battery houses 3,024 Wh of power and offers 3,000 W of AC output. It can produce a maximum of 8,500 Wh per day. The battery can operate in rugged conditions, discharging at temperatures as low as -4 F (-15.6 C).

The 3000 Pro has an updated cooling system controlled by high-precision chips and nine sensors, which Jackery said improved heat dissipation efficiency by 30%. The battery banks operate quietly below 30 decibels when charging in silent mode. They are also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to communicate with mobile devices. 

Image: Geneverse

Geneverse, meanwhile, has unveiled the HomePower PRO Plus, a portable solar generator that can be converted to an on-grid generator system for home backup. The devices can be controlled through an app to perform grid services such as peak demand shaving. 

They come with 4,838 Wh of capacity, 4,400 W of rated power, and 8,800 W of surge power. The surge outlet supports up to 30 A, offering a useful alternative power source for contractors and RV travelers.

The PRO Plus is housed in a motorized “cart” for easy portability and contains 18 outlets hidden beneath sliding panels. The system features two modular Geneverse batteries that can be removed for flexible use. The product will be available in the second quarter. 

The batteries can be charge from an AC wall outlet in under two hours, or by solar in two to four hours. Geneverse also offers a Solar Pergola, a fold-out canopy that provides shade and powers the battery bank. 

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