Momentum Unveils New CNG System Ideal for Construction Applications

Texas-based Momentum Fuel Technologies is now offering its CNG fuel system in a smaller diameter side-mount 32 and 55 diesel gallon equivalent (DGE) systems. The new system is integrated on the frame rail of the truck, so it provides customers with best-in-class ground clearance, beneficial for construction and vocational customers, while still offering fuel capacity comparable to other systems.

The smaller diameter side-mount system can be installed on any brand of chassis with any of the major brands of mixer bodies. This new system was designed and built based on Momentum’s existing platform, with the same components, plumbing, mounting arms, torsion beams for protection and color-coded fuel lines for safety. Momentum systems also come equipped with neck-mounted cylinders manufactured by Luxfer. 

“With this new system, customers can expect the quality, durability and safety Momentum is known for, now with substantially more ground clearance, which is especially important to vocational customers spending a great deal of time off road,” said Mike Zimmerman, General Manager, Momentum Fuel Technologies.

With a focus on safety, this fuel system includes an alloy steel end plate and multiple aluminum extrusions to protect the cylinder. The smaller diameter side-mount systems can be integrated with Momentum’s fuel management module, for faster installation requiring less frame space. 

“Many of Momentum’s technological features focus on driver confidence, and now with the higher clearance of our new side-mount system, mixer customers can consider CNG trucks more than ever before.  Further, we offer a streamlined installation process with our partner Custom Vehicle Solutions, for added customer convenience,” Zimmerman added.

Source: Momentum Fuel Technologies

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