Jolywood claims 26.7% efficiency for n-type TOPCon solar cell

The China Academy of Metrology and Science has certified Jolywood’s 26.7% efficiency rating for an n-type tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) solar cell, which the company claims is a world record. In November 2022, it announced a 26.1% efficiency rating for a similar cell.

Jolywood claims to have achieved a power conversion efficiency of 26.7% for an n-type M10 solar cell based on TOPCon technology.

The China Academy of Metrology and Science has certified the result, which Jolywood said currently represents a world record for an n-type TOPCon cell. It improves upon the company’s previous record of 26.1%, which was achieved in November 2022.

The Chinese solar module maker said it achieved the new results due to its independently developed Plasma Oxidation & Plasma Assisted Insitu-doping Deposition (POPAID) technology. POPAID reportedly overcomes issues with similar doped amorphous silicon technology.

“Through continuous technological innovation, Jolywood has successfully developed various cutting-edge technologies such as impurity extraction in silicon wafer body region, a local polysilicon layer, hydrogen content regulation of polysilicon film, new metal damage repair, and ultra-fine gate line printing,” the company said. “By adopting mass production equipment and materials in the production line, Jolywood has achieved a conversion efficiency of 26.7%, pointing out a clear technical direction for the future improvement of the mass production efficiency of the TOPCon cell.”

Jolywood recently commissioned a 1.5GW TOPCon solar cell factory in Taizhou, in China’s Zhejiang province.

“With this new manufacturing facility, our TOPCon solar cell production capacity has now reached 3.6GW,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine.

In October, the company presented a bifacial 700W TOPCon solar module at Intersolar in Munich, Germany. In January, it unveiled a 615W TOPCon product.

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