Israel surpasses 2.2 GW of rooftop PV capacity

New figures from the Israeli authorities show that the country continues to deploy rooftop PV systems at a rapid pace. New rooftop installations hit 703 MW in 2022, up significantly from 537 MW in 2021 and 296 in 2020.

Israel reached more than 2.2 GW combined rooftop PV capacity at the end of 2022, according to a new index published by the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

The online platform shows that Israeli developers installed around 703 MW of new rooftop PV systems last year, up considerably from 2021, when new installs reached 537 MW. All systems were deployed under the country’s feed-in tariff scheme.

The index also shows that current cumulative rooftop PV capacity represents just 19% of Israel’s technical potential, which is estimated at around 12 GW. The national capital, Jerusalem, has a utilization rate of just 5%, corresponding to 19 MW of operational rooftop PV out of a potential of 419 MW. Tel-Aviv is not doing much better, with a utilization rate of 3%, corresponding to 9 MW out of 272 MW of potential.

Central Arava Regional Council, bordering Jordan, leads in utilization at 114%. It has surpassed the 43 MW of potential that was estimated by the regulator in 2020, and reached 49 MW by the end of last year.

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