ISA opens global bids for solar cold storage in Africa

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is overseeing bids from prospective contractors to supply, install and commission solar cold storage capacity in Senegal, Sudan, and Seychelles. Bidding is also open for two 2 MT systems in Djibouti.

From pv magazine India

India’s NTPC, on behalf of the ISA, has started accepting bids from ISA member countries to execute solar-based cold storage projects in the African countries of Senegal, Djibouti, Sudan, and Seychelles.

The prospective contractor will supply, install and commission 5 metric tons (MT) of solar cold storage capacity in Senegal, as well as 5 MT in Sudan and 5 MT in Seychelles. The ISA and NTPC are also planning two 2 MT systems in Djibouti.

The ISA has engaged NTPC as an implementation partner and project management consultant, as it plans to deploy solar demonstration projects in member countries. ISA will finance the projects.

To be eligible, the bidders should have a track record of supplying, installing and commissioning 25 MT of cumulative solar cold storage. At least 10 MT of that capacity should be in successful operation. According to the tender document, the cold storage equipment must have a minimum storage capacity of 2 MT.

The total solar PV array capacity should be adequate to run refrigeration systems, fully charge thermal energy storage systems, and fully charge the batteries. It should not be less than 3.0 kWp in size.

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