Huasun unveils 715 W heterojunction solar module

China’s Huasun launched a new line of five heterojunction (HJT) solar modules in 2022, with power outputs ranging from 680 W to 700 W. The company has now added a new 715 W module to the series.

Huasun has unveiled new bifacial, dual-glass HJT solar panels for ground-mounted PV applications.

The Chinese PV module manufacturer originally introduced the G12 Himalaya series in mid-2022. It came in five versions, with power outputs ranging from 680 W to 700 W. It has now announced a new 715 W module, certified by TÜV SÜD Group.

“Recently, Huasun’s Himalaya G12-132 HJT module successfully passed the full sequence test of TÜV SÜD Group and obtained the standard certification IEC61215 on PV module performance,” the company said in a statement. “The maximum output power of the module has reached a breakthrough of 715W, setting a new high in the power of the same dimension of PV modules in the industry.”

The first five variants have power conversion efficiencies ranging from 21.90% to 22.5%. The open-circuit voltage is between 49.5 V and 50.13 V and the short-circuit current spans from 17.19 A and 17.43 A. Huasun did not disclose the efficiency rating of the 715 W module.

The new panels measure 2,384 mm x 1,303 mm x 35 mm and weigh 38.7 kg. They feature 132 half-cut monocrystalline HJT cells measuring 210 mm x 105 mm, combined with single-sided microcrystalline and super multi busbar (SMBB) cell technology.

“It has double-glass structure, encapsulated with PIB, which not only has the high-efficiency properties of HJT, but also has better water resistance and anti-PID performance,” said the company.

The new products can operate with a maximum system voltage of 1,500 V and feature an IP67/IP68 enclosure, with black anodized aluminum frames. They have a temperature coefficient of -0.26% per degree Celsius and their operational temperature ranges from -40 C to 85 C. Both sides of the bifacial modules are covered with 2.0 mm glass. Their bifaciality reportedly reaches up to 85%

The new products come with a 30-year linear power output guarantee and a 15-year product guarantee. The degradation in the first year is purportedly 1.0% and 30-year end power output is guaranteed to be no less than 88% of the nominal output power.

Huasun said expects its production capacity to exceed 10 GW in 2023.

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