Hoymiles reveals microinverters for high-power PV modules

Chinese manufacturer Hoymiles has developed a new line of microinverters with up to 96.7% efficiency and outputs of up to 2,000 VA. It said they can be connected with up to four high-power solar modules.

China-based inverter manufacturer Hoymiles has developed a line of microinverters for residential and commercial PV projects, with power outputs up to 2,000 VA.

“These microinverters are the cost-effective versions added to Hoymiles classic HMS series,” a company spokesperson told pv magazine. “They have four input channels, meaning that one microinverter can be connected with four solar panels at once – which is why we call it a ‘four in one.’ Therefore, for the same capacity demand, users can just have one microinverter instead of four regular ones.”

The recommended PV module voltage range is between 320 W and 670 W, with a maximum input voltage of 65 V. The HMS-C line has efficiency ratings up to 96.7% and a nominal maximum power point tracker (MPPT) efficiency of 99.8%.

“What makes the new C series different from the previous HMS series is that they have two MPPTs rather than four, meaning that two panels share one MPPT,” the manufacturer claimed. “This twist offers a great balance between efficient performance and affordability.”

The nominal output voltage is between 220 V and 240 V, and the adjustable output voltage ranges from 180 V to 275 V.

The microinverters measure 331 mm x 195 mm x 42.6 mm and weigh 5.32 kg. They feature an IP67 enclosure rating and a cooling system based on natural convection. The series is connected to Hoymiles’ smart monitoring platform, S-Miles Cloud, so that users can access visual data on the system’s energy production and usage. The new HMS-C series is available in Europe, North America, and Oceania.

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