Greenleap Robotics unveils fully autonomous robot to clean solar panels

Greenleap Robotics has built the Lotus A4000 cleaning robot with automotive-grade components to serve as a reliable way to clean solar panels in arid regions.

From pv magazine India

India’s Greenleap Robotics has unveiled its new Lotus A4000 fully autonomous and waterless panel-cleaning robot. It is compatible with rooftop PV and ground-mounted solar installations.

The robot uses ultra-soft microfiber cleaning fins that combine airflow and a controlled impact to flick off dust particles without damaging the anti-reflective coating of the panels. It can also clean off bird droppings. The company promises a reduction of 80% to 90% in bird droppings across four cleaning cycles.

The robot is powered by an on-board lithium battery and can complete a single cleaning cycle of a 1 MWp solar plant in less than 2.5 hours, according to the company. The battery takes less than two hours to fully charge. The solar-based docking station is houses a self-executing charging connector.

The robots are equipped with automotive-grade components and a 4G-based communications system. They are centrally managed and controlled via the company’s proprietary web application to ensure peak performance and provide predictive maintenance.

The robots come with a standard 12 Ah/25.6 V battery, which supports up to three hours of cleaning time. They are also available with extended battery ranges of 18 Ah/25.6 V, for up to 4.5 hours of cleaning time.

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