Germany allocates 609 MW in tender for large-scale solar

Germany concluded its latest renewables tender with a final average price of €0.0580 ($0.06)/kWh, which is slightly higher than the €0.0510 level from the last such exercise. Bids ranged from €0.0520/kWh to €0.0590/kWh.

From pv magazine Germany

Germany has allocated 609 MW of solar capacity in its latest tenders for ground-mounted PV projects. The procurement exercise was undersubscribed, as the authorities originally planned to allocate 89ß MW. As part of the procurement exercise, the authorities awarded about 152 MW to developers of 32 projects along highways and railways.

The Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) agreed to review 117 project proposals with a combined capacity of 677 MW. The tender concluded with a final average price of €0.0580/kWh, up slightly from €0.0510 in the last procurement round. Bids ranged from €0.0520/kWh to €0.0590/kWh.

The southern state of Bavaria secured the largest amount of the allocated capacity, with 307 MW spread across 60 projects. It was followed by Baden-Württemberg, which secured 67 MW at 13 sites, and Brandenburg with 66 MW across seven projects.

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