GameChange Solar launches mounting system for east-west oriented solar parks

GameChange Solar designed its new fixed-tilt racking system to maximize module density, with a ground coverage ratio of up to 98%. The systems costs $0.039/W in the United States and $0.029/W in other markets, for a typical 105 mph wind load.

GameChange Solar has unveiled a new fixed-tilt racking system for ground-mounted projects. It has a 5-degree or 10-degree east-west landscape configuration.

The MaxDensity system is designed to maximize the number of modules packed onto a site, with a ground coverage ratio of up to 98%. It can be installed in blocks of up to 7 MW, in configurations of up to 12,000 modules. It supports all commercially available framed modules, according to the company.

The system can handle up to 120 mph wind and heavy snow loads. The company claims a cost of $0.039/W in the United States and $0.029/W globally for a typical 105 mph wind load with moderate soil corrosion.

GameChange Solar said that the new system is easy to install.

“MaxDensity has much fewer part types than a typical fixed tilt racking system, making it faster than conventional fixed tilt structures,” it said in a statement. “There is no heavy equipment such as pile drivers required, only handheld tools are needed.”

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