FW Murphy Production Controls and Proteum Energy Join H2 CCS Network

FW Murphy Production Controls and Proteum Energy Join H2 CCS Network

Two companies at the fore of the industry’s rush to utilize hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration have joined the H2 CCS Network. Our new partners include a company that produces clean hydrogen using a proprietary technology and an organization of gas compression experts with a long-time oil and gas presence.

Proteum Energy® and FW Murphy Production Controls joined the Hydrogen and Carbon Capture (H2 CCS) Network to share their respective experiences and expertise while engaging with like-minded people and organizations in these growing segments of the environmentally conscious energy market.

H2 CCS is a network of companies already involved in or looking to be involved in the H2 industry as it expands into the Appalachian Basin and beyond.

The federal government has spent billions of dollars on research and development involving H2 and CCS. Companies from small operations to oil supermajors are busy developing expertise in one or both industries.

“We are looking forward to working with these companies to augment their sales and marketing efforts in hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration,” stated Tom Gellrich, President and Founder, H2 CCS Network.  “As producer of hydrogen for transportation fuel and hydrogen gas to power from ethane or any residue gas, we couldn’t be more happy to be part of such an important association of focused leaders in the Appalachian Basin,” said Larry Tree, President / CEO of Proteum Energy®.

But why? H2 is an energy-dense fuel that, when burned, produces only water and can be transported in existing, modified natural gas pipelines.

CCS allows companies that burn fossil fuels to capture carbon dioxide and sequester said emissions in underground formations – effectively eliminating a major climate change concern.

The O&G industry has the core competencies to take advantage of these processes, but there are many challenges as well as lessons learned from others involved with H2 and/or CSS worldwide.

Members of the H2 CCS Network will take advantage of these opportunities and work in tandem to create a base of operations for H2 and CSS in Appalachia.

Founded by energy experts Joe Barone of Shale Directories and Tom Gellrich, the network exists for businesses to tap into the potential investments in hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration.

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