Five Reasons to Attend Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

Five Reasons to Attend Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference

Hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration are fast becoming the answer to many of the climate issues.  You will want to learn what major corporations, U.S. Steel, Williams, Lane Power and Energy Solutions, Summit Carbon Solutions and the Department of Energy are doing to introduce hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration to their business.

These five entities will provide real insight into your company make these important moves for environment.

  1. “Steel Making on the Road to Net Zero,” by Dr. Kevin Zeik, Senior Research Fellow – Innovation, U.S. Steel. Zeik will address how U.S. Steel will use hydrogen in its steelmaking.
  2. “Bioethanol Carbon Capture,” by Jimmy Powell, Chief Operating Officer, Summit Carbon Solutions. The company has proposed a pipeline connecting 31 Midwest biorefineries that will flow 12 million tons of carbon dioxide annually to North Dakota. The $4.5 billion line will dead end near Bismarck, where the CO2 will sequestered.
  3. “Hydrogen & Carbon Capture in Midstream” by Elliott Metzger, Business Development, Williams New Energy Ventures. Williams earlier this year launched New Energy Ventures to commercialize technologies, markets, leverage existing Williams’s business models, and grow.
  4. “Green” Ammonia is becoming part of the hydrogen generation process. Mike Tritt, President, Lane Power & Energy Solutions, Inc, will provide insight into the latest storage developments
  5. “DOE Carbon Capture: Ready for Prime Time,” by Lynn Brickett, U.S. Department of Energy, and “DOE Hydrogen: Fuel of Today,” by Bob Schrecengost, Hydrogen Program Manager, Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management, DOE. These speakers will address how companies can take advantage of DOE grants linked to Hydrogen and CCS.

“This leading-edge corporations and DOE make our Fall Hydrogen & Carbon Capture Conference on November 11, 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe a must attend for all companies that are looking to participate in this rapidly growing trillion- dollar market” said Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network, Founder.

Gellrich is encouraging interested parties to register now.  The Spring Conference was a sellout.

Conference attendees will be able to “Join the H2-CCS Network” and stay abreast of all the latest developments in the hydrogen generation and carbon capture sequestration markets as they develop.

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