CDP Highlights Water and Plastic Threats in Global Supply Chains

CDP is shedding light once more on significant environmental concerns: plastic pollution and water security. In two just-released reports, CDP delves into more than 3,000 companies’ disclosures, providing insights into how they deal with challenges and demonstrating a clear need for more robust, comprehensive strategies to mitigate risks associated with plastics and water within global supply chains. The Plastic Conundrum: Risks and Responses Plastic pollution remains a persistent, escalating crisis, posing substantial environmental, health, and financial risks. In an unprecedented disclosure, nearly 3,000 companies with a collective market capitalization surpassing US$25 trillion reported on their plastic usage through the CDP. While almost half of these companies have taken the crucial first step of mapping where plastics are produced and utilized in their value chains, a mere 21% acknowledged the risks tied to their plastic-related activities. Only a third are taking essential actions, such as assessing their plastic use’s environmental and health impacts. These findings highlight a gap in corporate action and understanding regarding the plastic crisis. Despite the good intentions, the data reveals that a significant portion of the business world has yet to fully engage with the realities of plastic pollution. This lack of engagement is especially prevalent among […] This post appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

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