Emporia unveils residential battery inverter solution

US-based Emporia Energy has developed a home battery system with an inverter and transformer. The lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery has a storage capacity of 8.2 kWh, and up to six modules can be combined for up to 49 kWh of energy storage. The inverters come in 7.6 kW or 9.6 kW versions.

Emporia Energy has launched a new home storage system with an inverter, transformer, and battery module.

The 8.2 kWh, 256 V battery uses LiFePO4 as the cathode material and has a round-trip efficiency of 95%. Up to six modules can be combined to accommodate up to 49 kWh of energy storage. Each battery module measures 579 mm × 228 mm × 795 mm and weighs 81 kg.

The inverters come in 7.6 kW or 9.6 kW versions and can be AC or DC coupled. They measure 414 mm x 790 mm x 175 mm and weigh 32 kg. They have an efficiency of 97.6%.

The system has a maximum PV input voltage of 600 V. It has an operating voltage range of 80 V to 550 V. It comes with a 10-year warranty backed by insurer Munich Re and can purportedly operate for more than 10,000 cycles. It operates in temperatures ranging from -35 C to 60 C.

The modular Alpha-ESS is compatible with new-build solar installations and retrofits to existing solar projects, according to Emporia.

“The Emporia system identifies when excess solar power is being generated, and users can configure their system to automatically turn on loads,” the company said. “Conversely, it can also be connected to draw from the grid to pre-charge ahead of when utility rates may be surging or there’s an interruption to the power supply due to weather or ongoing grid stress.”

The system is currently available in select US states.

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