Eaton introduces overhead EV fleet charging solution

Eaton, an Irish energy management specialist, has developed EV Charge Busway, an overhead power distribution solution that eliminates cable runs and major modifications to existing parking and conveyor structures.

Dublin-based Eaton has recently unveiled its EV Charging Busway, a plug-and-play solution to add, move, and expand charging infrastructure without rewiring. It is engineered for last-mile delivery, fleet and services with multiple passenger vehicles or medium-duty trucks.

The solution utilizes Eaton’s 600V Pow-R-Way III busway and incorporates a 19.2 kW AC Level 2 charger into the bus plug for direct vehicle charging.

EV Charging Busway features a retractable cable management system for AC Level 2 chargers that keeps cords and electrical equipment off the ground. It also supports ground-mounted DC fast-charging pedestals.

The solution is said to be highly scalable, rated for indoor use, and easy to install and service. According to Eaton, it can reduce the installation time by 40%.

EV Charging Busway enables intelligent load management, throttling the rate of charge to minimize upgrades to grid infrastructure. It is designed for interoperability and supports the North American Charging Standard (NACS) and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.6J.

Eaton has launched its latest product as more companies look to electrify their car fleets and invest in depot infrastructure upgrades. According to McKinsey, more than 50% of companies included in its recent survey plan to fully decarbonize their fleets by 2027.

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