Dutch government allocates €412 million to support ‘circular’ PV panel manufacturing

The Dutch cabinet said it will support solar factories that will produce panels with a circular economy approach. It also allocated €296 million to support battery manufacturing.

The Dutch cabinet announced today it will allocate €2.6 billion ($2.84 billion) through its National Growth Fund to support the manufacturing of innovative technologies in the fields of sustainability, energy, high tech, digitization, and healthcare.

The government said it will devote a significant part of this sum – €412 million – to support the manufacturing of solar modules that are based on a circular economy approach.

“The sun plays a key role in the energy transition,” the government said in a statement, without providing further details on the implementation of the program. “Researchers, raw material suppliers, construction companies and the automotive sector are joining forces to ensure that the next generation of solar panels is developed here in a fully circular manner.” 

In the Netherlands, there is currently a plan for a 3 GW solar cell factory under the MCPV consortium comprising nine companies.

The government also allocated €296 million to support battery manufacturing. “Dutch large companies, SMEs, start-ups, and educational institutions are working together on circular battery technologies that are built from alternative and non-critical raw materials,” it also stated.

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