Dallas Area Will Be Home to 181 MW Renewable Energy + Storage Plant

(Credit: Pixabay)

The Dallas, Texas area is now home to two new clean power plants, including a renewables-plus-storage hybrid project. Enel Green Power North America is operating the plants.

The 181 MW Lily solar + storage project, located east of Dallas is a hybrid project that integrates a renewable energy plant with utility-scale battery storage. The project includes 55 MWdc of battery storage, part of Enel’s installation of around 600 MW of new storage capacity on the Texas power grid by 2022.

Located southeast of Dallas in Kaufman County, Texas, the project’s 421,400 PV bifacial panels are expected to generate over 367 GWh of energy each year, which will be delivered to the grid and will charge the co-located battery. The battery storage system can dispatch electricity when solar power generation is low, while also providing the grid access to a clean supply of electricity during periods of high demand.

The Lily solar project was initiated and developed by Red River Renewable Energy, LLC, a joint venture among affiliates of Sun Chase Power and MAP Energy, LLC.


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