Corbion, Land O’Lakes Partner To Advance Regenerative Agriculture

(Credit: Corbion)

Corbion, a leading biobased ingredients company is collaborating with Truterra, LLC, a unit of Land O’ Lakes, and Truterra’s local partner Central Valley Ag (CVA) to leverage data insights to improve regenerative agriculture practices, including no-till farming, cover crops and integrated grazing.

As regenerative agriculture continues to go mainstream, with big brands like General Mills and Danone embracing the movement, sustainable agriculture practices are not only benefiting the environment and customers, they’re also helping growers to be more profitable in the future by lowering costs and improving operational efficiencies. 

Ten recommended regenerative agriculture practices for farmers include:

  1. Reduced or No-till Farming Practices
  2. Cover Cropping
  3. Composting
  4. Increasing Crop Diversity
  5. Organic Annual Cropping
  6. PhycoTerra® Soil Microbe Food
  7. Animal Integration
  8. Managed Grazing
  9. Silvopasture
  10. Agroforestry

Through Corbion’s efforts, farmers will be able to take advantage of Truterra’s Insights Engine to analyze real-time, field-level sustainability data, identify potential improvements, and develop environmental impact models for their land. Truterra’s digital platform enables farmers to create ongoing improvements to enhance sustainability, improve profitability, and better manage their supply chain. The Insights Engine will also be used for environmental reporting.

Corbion joins other major food companies, such as Campbell’s and Nestle, in partnering with Truterra, which boasts nearly 2 million acres that are leveraging the firm’s software and data products and services.

“We are very proud to partner with Truterra and CVA to promote sustainable agriculture practices in our supply chain,” said Corbion CEO Olivier Rigaud. “Our collaboration is founded on a shared understanding that the health of our planet, our people and our businesses are absolutely intertwined.”

“As private sector demand for on-farm stewardship continues to grow, we’re proud to partner with world-class companies like Corbion to bring new resources and new opportunities directly to farmers and their local ag retailers,” said Jason Weller, Vice President, Truterra.


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