Innovative Event to Highlight Emerging Energy Industry Opportunities


CANTON, Ohio (July 13, 2022) – The upcoming Appalachian Hydrogen Transportation Conference will uniquely showcase the industry’s continued sustainability-focused progress. Produced by Shale Directories, the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, and H2-CCS Network, the event – scheduled for Friday, September 23, 2022 – will take place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.


The conference’s agenda is focused on addressing the responsibility and opportunities that the transportation industry has for addressing climate change, among others in the context of the broader energy transition.


The conference will feature speakers from experts in the transportation and energy sectors, including sponsor Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), as well as the Department of Transportation, Congressman Bill Johnson of Ohio’s 6th District, and other companies associated with hydrogen vehicles, fuel cell and refueling stations. SARTA will host an evening reception to provide a first-hand experience of hydrogen buses, refueling, and operations.


Commenting on the event’s announcement, the company’s CEO, Kirt Conrad, said, “There is clear and convincing evidence that hydrogen fuel cell buses deliver much greater range than battery electrics, are both more reliable and affordable to operate, remove tons of pollutants from the air, and, perhaps most importantly from an operational standpoint, take only minutes to refuel.” He continued, “All of which leads to the obvious conclusion that hydrogen is the best alternative fuel solution available in the transportation space,”


The event seeks to create a platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas, drawing from sector experts, regulators, public officials, and the public at large on the transportation industry’s ongoing actions, initiatives, and opportunities.


“Hydrogen and battery vehicles both have a space in the zero-emissions transportation arena. Hydrogen offers key advantages in fast refueling, long working hours, and high-demand loads. That is why both Walmart and Amazon switched to hydrogen fork-lifts in their mega distribution centers and invested in fuel cell provider Plug Power,” said Tom Gellrich, H2-CCS Network, “We are excited to partner with SARTA, America’s leading hydrogen bus operator, to offer this conference in the heartland of manufacturing.”


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