China produced 288.7 GW of modules, 827,000 MT of polysilicon in 2022

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) says Chinese manufacturers produced 357 GW of wafers and 318 GW of solar cells in 2022.

China’s MIIT said this week that Chinese PV manufacturers produced 827,000 MT of polysilicon, 357 GW of wafers, 318 GW of solar cells, and 288.7 GW of PV modules last year.

The total value of this output exceeded CNY 1.4 trillion ($210 billion), the Chinese government said, noting that PV product exports accounted for more than one-fourth of the total value, with PV module exports reaching 153 GW.

It said that p-type PERC cells produced in 2022 have an average power conversion efficiency of 23.2%, while TOPCon and heterojunction devices achieved average efficiencies of 24.5% and 26.81%, respectively.

The MIIT also said that China installed around 87.4 gW of new PV systems last year.

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