China connects 220 MW/440 MWh battery to grid

Robestec has connected a 220 MW/440 MW battery storage system to the grid in Ningxia, China. It is reportedly China’s largest standalone energy storage station, and uses lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries from Hithium Energy Storage.

Robestec has reportedly connected China’s largest standalone battery energy storage station to the grid in Ningxia, a small autonomous region in north-central China.

The 220 MW/440 MWh system uses LFP batteries from Xiamen-based energy storage developer Hithium. It will store energy generated by solar and wind, according to a company statement.

The storage system will provide grid stability services by controlling frequency and peak demand. “When the grid experiences high demand, the stored energy can be directed towards homes and businesses,” Hithium said in a statement. “The project will help ensure the stability of the electricity network, enabling greater volumes of renewable energy projects to be connected to the grid, as China continues to decarbonize,” it added.

Hithium recently presented a 300 Ah battery for rooftop PV applications. It plans to invest $4.71 billion in the expansion of its manufacturing capacity to 135 GWh by the end of 2025. It also made a commitment this month to as many as eight storage projects in Australia alongside local solar developer Sun Valley HK Group.

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