bp launches plans for low-carbon green hydrogen cluster in Spain’s Valencia region

• Aims to make Valencia region a leader in green hydrogen production. • Cluster to include world-scale green hydrogen production at bp’s Castellón refinery of up to 2GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 • Supports transformation and decarbonisation of the refinery, together with tripling biofuel production. • Transformation of Castellón could see bp invest up to 2 billion Euros.

bp today launched the green hydrogen cluster of the Valencia region (HyVal) at its Castellón refinery. Led by bp, this public-private collaborative initiative is intended to be based around the phased development of up to 2GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030 for producing green hydrogen at bp’s refinery. HyVal is expected to play an instrumental role in decarbonizing the operations of bp’s Castellón refinery. Its transformation – including green hydrogen, biofuels and renewable energy – could see bp invest a total of up to 2 billion Euro in Castellon by 2030. Green hydrogen – generated by the electrolysis of water using renewable power – will support decarbonization of the refinery’s operations, replacing its current use of ‘grey’ hydrogen generated from natural gas.

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