Appalachian Hydrogen Carbon Capture Conference V Features Tremendous Lineup of Speakers


A tremendous line-up industry leaders will be speaking at the Appalachian Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Conference V on November 30 at the Hilton Garden Inn Southpointe – PA near Pittsburgh. Registration is open. The event will sell out!

Shawn Bennett, Energy and Resilience Division Manager, Battelle will provide an overview of ARCH2 program, next steps and innovative projects. As program manager for ARCH2 Shawn has a unique and deep perspective of one of the 7 DOE Hydrogen Hub winners.

Bernard Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Empire Diversified Energy will provide a dive into Empire Diversified Energy conversion of food waste to produce hydrogen at the port of West Virginia for both industrial and transportation sectors.

Tim Reichwein Executive Vice President, Lane Power & Energy Solutions as the global leading developer of underground storage of hydrogen and hydrocarbons, Tim has a unique perspective as to the options for the all-important underground storage of hydrogen.

Nansen G. Saleri, PhD; Chairman of the Omnis Hydrogen Advisory Board and CEO and Co-Founder Quantum Advisory Board will be the Keynote Speaker presenting the groundbreaking technology allowing the commercial transformation of coal into hydrogen, graphite and graphene.

Ken Thompson, President, Mustang Sampling / Valtronics will speak to the challenges in monitoring hydrogen quality in pure hydrogen and mixed natural gas and hydrogen.

Brent Chicken and Andy Graham Member, Steptoe & Johnson, will untangle the complex issues with Carbon Capture and Sequestration, including Class VI permitting, and conflicting mineral – land – pore space ownership.

Perry Babb, CEO KeyState, will cover the Clinton County project converting stranded natural gas to C02 for on-site sequestration and hydrogen. The hydrogen will be used in the transportation sector and upgraded to ammonia for fertilizer and urea as diesel exhaust fluid

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